A VPN is a Worthy Investment For Anyone Traveling Overseas


When I went off to visit my uncle who lives in China for the summer, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I had only been to China a few times in my life, when I was too young to remember much of anything. But, since I was about to graduate college with my second degree, I thought that it was time that I paid my uncle a visit. He was the last living vestige of a time gone by, and I wanted to speak with him before it was too late. The only thing I could remember thinking during the 19 hour plane flight was how would my Westernize mind now respond to the Chinese culture? Even though I had grown up in a family that adhered to strict Chinese customs, whenever I went to school and eventually onto college, I was exposed to many American customs and pastimes, which I eventually grew quite fond of.

But nothing could really prepare me for when my plane finally touched down in China. I learned right away that my cellphone could not access certain social media websites because the Chinese government had firewalled them with its intruding technology. This meant that I could not chat with my parents back in the States.  Thankfully, I had a Virtual Private Network http://www.vpnmagazin.de/hidemyass-test/ that I had bought and it enabled me to gain access to the sites that I needed to communicate with my family and friends. The VPN allowed my cellphone to disguise its IP address so that I could surf the Internet securely—I didn’t have to worry about discovery and could remain 100% anonymous. The IPVanish VPN I used encrypted my Wi-Fi network so that I could send sensitive information between my location and back home. You can check out other info on http://www.bestvpnservicemag.com/ipvanish-vpn-review. A VPN is a worthy investment for anyone traveling overseas. and apart from IPVanish, I do also recommend using Strong VPN. You can check out StrongVPN reviews at http://www.bestvpnservicemag.com/strong-vpn-review/which is also  doing the job very well !