Bypass University Security to Download Torrents

When I first moved into a dormitory at my university as a freshman, I quickly learned that I would not be able to use P2P or BitTorrent services on the university’s network. I was told by a fellow student that I could use a VPN to securely connect with peers on the university’s network due to the rerouted IP, which meant that I could possibly torrent as much as I pleased as an anonymous member of the network.

After my friend –a junior who lived on another floor of my dorm – told me about the VPN he relied upon, I asked him to show me his download and upload speeds in his BitTorrent client. After seeing low double, and sometimes even single, digits in his transfer rates, I knew I was going to research the best VPN service for my money before committing to a service, since I don’t like sharing my personal or financial information with a lot of people, companies or otherwise.

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I performed some heavy research into various VPN providers,then I found one about how you can access restricted sites at Saudi Arabia, so I’ve read it here the best vpn for Saudi Arabia article and after finding hidemyass and seeing their range of positive reviews, I decided to give it a test of my own. When I saw transfer rates that were not only acceptable, but downright impressive, I knew I had found the right VPN provider for me, especially considering the price, as I was living in the dorms with a part-time, minimum-wage night desk job through the university.


Researching your possible VPN provider is key to getting the most effective service at the right price – along with the fastest downloads. If you’re going to look into hide my ass, test and reviews are a great idea before determining what’s exactly the best VPN for your situation, but at any rate, a VPN is a great choice for secure, anonymous Internet connectivity.

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