VPN Story

vpn serviceI’m a scrupulous businessman. When I make a deal, I always make sure it’s with someone I trust. Maybe I’m suspicious or even a little paranoid, but it’s a policy that’s done me good and I’m sticking with it.

I’ve been in my business for a while, and this rule was easy to follow until the Nineties. As you might remember, when the Internet came out, it changed everything. What was public became private, what was private became public. All in all, it was pretty shifty for an old codger like me. I didn’t trust it. You can check here

And, hey, turns out I was right. The Internet is a cesspool of creeps that are looking to intercept your credit card numbers, passwords, or sensitive data as it travels through phone lines or even the open air. It’s not a secure place. Nothing is sacred there, nothing is safe, and it’s a pain in the neck when some parasite gets his claws into your hard-earned bank account. The changing marketplace eventually meant that I had to get online too. I didn’t like it, but a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do test de vpn.

For years, I took care of it the old fashioned way, with password protection and frequent reliance on an analysis firm to make sure our data was only in the hands of people in which we needed it. It was expensive, stressful, and difficult.

VPN Services

Then I got a Virtual Private Network. It works by encrypting your data, masking you with an anonymous IP, and putting up a firewall by private internet access. It will render you invisible to hackers and even your service provider. As soon as we hooked up this VPN to our systems and our partner’s systems, incidence of security compromise went way down. Take it from me, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and a VPN capitalizes on that relationship amazingly!