Websites that make you Invisible while Surfing the Net

Websites that make you Invisible while Surfing the Net

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There are millions of people who wish to keep their activities private while they are using the Internet without the help a of vpn services provider. The thought of different people and websites tracking your activities is very disturbing. You can increase your protection with the help of a vpn service software by

There are a number of free websites that offer the use of their proxy servers such as HideMyAss that will allow you to anonymously surf the Internet even if you don’t have the best vpn service., and at the same time offers hidemyass review 2014. This is a great feature as it will block your activities for the entire session.

However, the use of these free websites doesn’t come without drawbacks. These websites tend to slow down your Internet surfing, sometimes in very aggravating ways. They can also cause different websites that you may visit to display improperly.

All of these free websites work in the same way. You just use their website to perform your Internet searches and their proxy servers protect your privacy.

Stay Invisible with the Cloak

The Cloak is an example of one of these free privacy websites. This service allows you to decide how invisible you would like your Internet session to be. It also allows you to switch different surfing technologies On or Off depending on your preferences.

Not only does the Cloak protect your visibility, it also allows you to block banner ads and turn off software such as Java and JavaScript.

After you configure your anonymous Internet settings on the Cloak, you type in the web address that you want to visit and begin your searches. Do not be alarmed if you notice that your browser’s web address bar has a URL that is combined with the Cloak address.

This odd URL is used for your protection and provides you reassurance that the service is properly working.


Drawbacks of the Cloak

As with any other free service, the benefits are always accompanied with a few drawbacks. Using the Cloak and other types of invisibility websites make your Internet searches become slow. Sometimes the lack of speed is very noticeable and can become extremely frustrating.

This site also periodically limits the time you are allowed to spend surfing the Internet anonymously. This only takes place when there are an increased number of users logged in all at the same time.

By using a vpn that’s considered as the best vpn by, which is provided by the best vpn providers around, you’ll be able to avoid the constant need to go under the Cloak.