Who Can Benefit from Using a VPN?

vpnThe other day my friend and I were using the Student Union coffee shop when he suddenly slammed his hands down onto his laptop’s keyboard. While I was surfing the web seamlessly, using my VPN, my buddy was having real speed problems.

After a few minute explaining to him what a VPN was, he wondered why they weren’t advertised my heavily as ways to increase speed. That’s when I had to explain to him that VPNs do way more than just increase your Internet speed, they provide a solution to a number of Internet related issues.

I told him VPN users usually fall into these categories:


  • The Networker — Students and employees at a school or a company with different offices or locations are probably already a regular VPN users. Many schools and businesses utilize VPNs to keep their students and staff in the loop, and also to allow them to access files anywhere around the campus or office building.
  • The Heavy Downloader — Whether downloading legal or illegal materials, you don’t want to wind up in trouble for finding what you’re looking for on the Internet. VPNs make the Internet safe to use apps like BitTorrent. Don’t wind up in court because you were trying to download Lost.
  • The Privacy Buff — Those who put a premium on privacy and security do not care if the network they are using is public or belongs to friend’s, this person will use every precaution when it comes to protecting their identity and privacy on the web.  VPNs are a great way to keep your Internet activity yours, and away from prying eyes
  • The Jetsetter  — You travel, but you don’t want regional Internet restrictions to get in the way accessing your favorite websites and using some of your favorite apps. VPNs are an excellent way to circumvent these restrictions. VPNs provide a safe network to surf on, so you can enjoy the Internet you love.

You wouldn’t believe it, my friend was so excited about the possibilities provided by VPNs that he bought me lunch! I accepted, of course, because sharing the news about VPNs is important, and I’d do it again – for free!